Mud / Barro

eSe Teatro focuses on exploring language, shared history, and cultural roots, through adaptations of classics as well as new works and script development.

For this production, I designed postcards for print as well as vertical banner ads for web.

MUD/BARRO by María Irene Fornes, directed by Rose Cano

Presented in both English and Spanish at The Slate Theatre (formerly the old immigration building.) This translation of MUD(Barro) was produced in 1990 in Lima, Peru with the support of the US Embassy. It was the first translation of this play in South America, during the height of the civil war in Peru.

Mud is more than a love triangle, it”s a survival triangle with no safety net to catch them when they fall. This tree-person play highlights the precarious situation of three individuals who are living on the thin edge of survival and the margins of society.